Who is West Central Cereal Grains, LLC?

West Central Cereal Grains, LLC is a group of growers who grow high quality identity preserved crops. We are based out of Garden City, Missouri. We commit to only grow high-quality products and have a strict set of standards for our growers.

Our Products

West Central Cereal Grains, LLC provides the following products:

  • Non-GMO and chemical free corn grain and seed
  • Transitional-to-Organic corn grain and seed
  • Organic corn grain and seed
  • Non-GMO and chemical free soybean grain and seed
  • Transitional-to-Organic soybean grain and seed
  • Organic soybean grain and seed
  • Non-GMO and chemical free produce
  • Transitional-to-Organic produce
  • Organic produce
  • Non-GMO livestock
  • Organic livestock


Crop and Produce Verification

We use VISPS Verification for all of the products we grow and sell. VISPS is a third-party verification system that tracks our crops and produce from the time they are planted to the time they reach the end market. To assure tolerance levels are met, VISPS also uses GMO test results.

Livestock Verification

We use the VISPS Verification system for our livestock verification as well. VISPS tracks all livestock from birth to end market and assures that all quality standards are met.

Processing Verification

VISPS also provides processing and handling verification. With the VISPS system, all of our processing and handling facilities are inspected and verified to prevent commingling and contamination of product.

Visit the VISPS Website

View the VISPS Crop Standards

View the VISPS Livestock Standards


Our Location

P.O. Box 560
Garden City, MO 64747

(816) 892-0798


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